Full Cup

“As women we come in many different shapes & sizes.  One of the hardest things for me is to find a good fitting, supportive & comfortable bra.  It could look a little pretty too, not like something my grandmother would wear.

That’s why I was so excited to hear that Amoena was coming out with bras for non-mastectomy Full Cup women.”

Carol Lynn Lucas, Owner of JUST CALL US – Health Solutions


So, what do we consider a “Full Cup Bra?”

A full cup bra is for anyone who takes a size “C” & up including double & triple letters.

From space suit to super-sexy bra.

In a giant step forward for women’s lingerie, NASA technology, developed for space suits, is being adapted to control the climate around the bust area.

This Amoena Collection, features temperature-equalizing, preventing women from getting hot under the bra.

Comfort+ fabric is densely saturated with intelligent micro-capsules that respond to a woman’s skin temperature.  It works much like an astronaut’s suit to protect against temperature fluctuations.  This helps bring to an end the embarrassing little secret that so many women have kept under wraps.  Perspiration between and under breasts.  Uncomfortable, unsightly, and itchy…and now, over.

“Amoena created this Full Cup Bra line to solve women’s discomfort due to overheating and perspiration, and to promote healthier breast skin care,” says Vivian George RN, and Amoena representative who has been fitting women for more than 20 years.

“When there is sweat between or under the breasts, it’s not unusual to develop an irritating or itchy rash,” explains George.  “And sweat happens, anytime – when you run for a bus, present in a stuffy boardroom, dine in a heated restaurant.  In winter, women heat up under their heavy sweaters inside malls and offices.  In summer, humidity causes everyone to overheat.”

Comfort +WITH comfort +

Comfort+ technology transfers heat away from, and back to, the body as needed, absorbing excess heat during a rise in temperature & releasing it when body temperature decreases. This material has been incorporated into the  front panel of each bra, the underband, cup sling and the side panels to help prevent heat – build up where women tend to perspire most.